mercredi 24 août 2011

Hot Fall Fashion

What are you wearing this Fall? I made this treasury from my fellow Etsians. All the clothes are handmade. The boots and handbag are vintage. Both mean quality. Handmade is hand crafted with care. Vintage means it stood the test of time. This treasury made the front page. I created it for all of you who are still putting your Fall wardrobe together. Enjoy!

samedi 13 août 2011

What is ephemera?

From reveriefrance
Ephemera is a term used to describe most printed items on paper. These items can range from newspapers, trading cards, invitations, posters, bookmarks, postcards, letters, tickets, magazines, stock certificates, banners, etc. Naturally, things written or printed on paper were not really intended to last a long time. Thz word ephemera originated with the greeks, with the word meaning things that last a day. Obviously, many last more than a day. In fact, there are many avid collectors of these little historic treasures. People have found many methods to preserve ephemera for generations to come.

I collect ephemera myself and have a nice selection in my Etsy shop, Reveriefrance. Here is one example that I just got in. I have many more than I'm working to get photographed and uploaded to share with you.

The one I have here is from 1960. It is a French school poster that was used in France for education purposes. A vintage one in good shape is hard to come by as many were heavily used in the classroom on a daily basis. The posters were painted by well known artists. They are double sided, so there are actually two posters in one.

The one I am posting first, was done by two artists; G. Bonnatti and G. Michel. On one side, it has a French Seaport. On the other side, it has the construction of a house. These posters are huge! They are 39" by 25", and a photo on your computer doesn't really do them justice. Growing up in America, I don't recall having such magnificent posters at school.

Some of these posters are quite rare. In searching, I was hard pressed to find the same one elsewhere. Sure, there may be other school posters, but not this one and not of this quality. The ones I have in are in mint condition. They were in the school wharehouse and never were ued in the classroom. I received them in the same container that they were originally shipped to the school. I feel fortunate discovering these treasures. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.