lundi 4 juillet 2011

Life in the dark ages

When I moved to France, I was aware that it was full of history and often called the Museum City. It never occurred to me that I'd be living IN history!

My hot water heater broke a few weeks ago. It feels like forever and such a painful reality, I am trying really hard not to remember the actual day. I must say that I fully understand what life must have been like for those oh so many ages ago in France, boiling water just to take a bath, wash your hair, do dishes, etc. It's a nightmare! The best part is when my back went into full spasms after trying to wash my hair upside down. Is it legal that our whole building has no hot water for so long? I don't think so! However, good luck getting someone to do something about it. Living in Paris is much like living in New York City for that. Sure, there are laws to protect people, but who says the city has enough employees to police all of the offenders. There is such a housing shortage in Paris too, much like New York, that people have little choice other than to manage. The owners of the building have said that they fired the old repair company and have enlisted a new one. Some people in the building seem enraged posting notes on the lobby wall, but most just walk by with a simple, bonsoir, and nothing more. I feel perplexed, being American. Are they not disturbed? Or are they just in shock like me?

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