samedi 30 janvier 2016

Valentine's Day in Paris

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Valentine's Day exists in France, but it does not have the same marketing force it has in the U.S. I find cards are not exchanged as much, but flowers and chocolate flows a plenty! I live across the street from a florist that does a steady business selling beautiful bouquets to gentlement who are either in love or hoping to get out of trouble. I've seen both cases. There are also at least three chocolatiers and a florist on each street, within a block or two, one more amazing than the next. However, there is only one card shop. It's clear that the French are buying more chocolate and flowers than cards.

If you haven't found something for your sweetheart yet, there is still time! Here is a selection of some more unique offerings that your amour will not find on every street corner.

The origins of Valentine's Day goes back to the Romans. Each region or country has adapted it's own story. What we do know for certain is that there was a St. Valentin who was so blessed by the pope. In honor of St. Valentine, a town in France was named after him in the 14th century. Today, this town, located in the Loire Valley in Inre, hosts an amazing Valentine's festival each year from February 12 to the 14th. Many couples go there to renew their vows. What could be more romantic?

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7 commentaires:

  1. Over here too, Valentine's Day is not celebrated as much as in the US. Also, just like over at your end, here too, people don't usually go for cards. Flowers, on the other hand, is a safe bet. :)

    1. Thanks for sharing what it's like in Romania. I'm sure others are curious about that too!

  2. Valentine's day isn't big over here either, but I always like to get flowers LOL.
    I always try to find something to get my DH and never remember in time. Maybe this year!

    1. You are a graphic and textile designer. You could always design something for him. I hope you found something good this year!

  3. It's a little weird, back in Germany nobody knew, well, celebrated Valentine's Day. Here in the US it is massive, but also - as always - a big commercial thing. Well, we are all entrepreneurs, right?

    1. Thank you for sharing your perspective on Valentine's Day in Germany. I am always curious about other cultures.

      Even if Valentine's Day is very commercialized in the U.S., as kids, it was always a fun day at school. We played games and got to eat candy at school. On other days, teachers often frowned at eating in class or bringing candy to school. So, as you can see, there were a lot of cultural traditions as well. Perhaps they were encouraged by the candy and card companies, but isn't the point to have fun in life?

      I think our new global economy is creating more entrepreneurs than ever before!

  4. Oh dear, the men trying to get out of least they are fortunate to have such a wonderful store nearby! Beautiful items. On Valentines Day, the local Tesco was filled to the brim with men purchasing flowers and I think food to cook!! lol