mardi 5 juin 2012

Summer Dreams

I love Summer. Everyone comes out. There are festivals everywhere. The markets are brimming with fresh fruit. When the city gets too hot, it also means it's time to head to the beach! What could be more renewing of one's spirits than a trip to the sea? The gentle breeze that glides accross your face. The rythmic tumbling of the ocean waves that teases your toes standing in the hot sand. The waves that crash in, erasing whatever you left behind. Does it matter. After all, you have the beauty and splendor of the world at your feet. Another world just below the waves that bec2ons you to dream. So many tales the Ocean keeps. Even today with all our technology, we can only imagine half of what that world contains. In celebration of Summer, I created a new treasury to capture some of those wonderful things of Summer. What do your Summer dreams hold?

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