samedi 14 juillet 2012

Bastille Day!

France and the US have some things in common, one appears to be independence day. They are in the same month, only ten days apart. Although many of the festivities seem the same, summer festivals and fireworks, France's was a little more severe. France's revolution was not giving the power to the people as one would think. Instead, as in most revolutions, it was a shift of powers, from the Monarchy to the Bourgeoisie.The Bourgoisie were the class of merchants and artisians whose wealth was steadily increasing. This is the true revolution. The peasant class still remained peasants for a long time to come. It wouldn't be until the twentieth century that the peasants and working class from the industrial revolution gained any rights or benefits as we know them today. And for all of you who catch yourself saying, "the French revolution", remember there was more than one. France is on it's fifth republic after all.

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